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Just months after getting together, Vincent popped the question and the couple tied the knot in a church ceremony in Paris last month.Emma van Laun, 52, and Vincent Valbret, 56, first met on a summer holiday as children, but lost contact and married other partners.

If you're in the armed forces I'd love to be a friend and keep your spirits up! I would love to meet new friends from UK, live in the US with my husband and two children and teach languages at a high school in New York area.My father is of British ancestry and my grandmother, Elsie Reed, brought me up on proper British tea.While in college, I studied in London for a half year and made a deep connection with the city and her folk.We lost touch when we grew up and I moved to London but our parents stayed loosely in touch.'Emma married and lived in London where she had two daughters, while Vincent got hitched and went on to have four children of his own.But four years ago Vincent phoned Emma asking whether her daughter, who was 15, would like to become penpals with his own son, who was the same age.

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